Our stones

From mine to Sten Bumlingen

We work directly with the mining communities that supply the rough crystals. After that we evaluate the raw stones, sorting them in different types for further work.

The main rule for us is Ethical mining.
Whatever we do should always benefit the local mining community.
We always do our utmost to help create prosperity for the local village through creating cooperatives owned by the villagers which in turn owns the mine. We supply knowledge and tools to help them start small scale mining safely.
We also teach sustainability so the resources will last longer and have a higher quality, restoring nature after the mining is finished. The result comes in high quality rough stones and crystals, without using any explosives and creating damage to nature.

We can provide certificates for all our stones. We prefer to use the Swedish Gem Lab — Rahman Spectroscopy — one of the most exact ways of testing a gemstone. When needed we can provide certificates from any gem lab in the world. 

You always receive the stone you chose from the picture. All the stones we offer are real and match the photos.

As a general rule we don’t enhance our gemstones. If there is any kind of treatment, it is clearly mentioned in the description of each stone. We believe that treatment is the customer's choice to make.