About Sten Bumlingen

Sten Bumlingen is a Swedish company for gemstones, crystals, fossil and jewelry and a workshop for learning the technique of gemcutting.

Who we are

Our team is based in Scandinavia and has a great passion about gemstones and minerals. For many years we've been working with the finest gemstones, having access to the mines and being able to select the best rough material directly from the miners.
This means that we have the full provenance of our products. 

Using our skills and education, we create high-grade quality cut gemstones.
Our team has a great experience in gemcutting, gold and silversmithing, evaluation and identification.  

Our values

We have always worked with one principle rule. 
Ethical mining.
Whatever we do should always benefit the local mining community.
We always do our outmost to help create prosperity for the local village through creating cooperatives owned by the villagers which in turn owns the mine.
We supply knowledge and tools to help them start the small scale mining safely.
We also teach sustainability so the resources will last longer and have a higher quality, restoring nature after the mining is finished.
The result comes in high quality rough stones and crystals, without using any explosives and creating damage to the nature.

Our gemstones have no treatment, are free from any chemical enchantment.

Create with us

Use our experience to create your own unique jewellery. Together we can choose a rough stone, cut it in a preferable shape or keep it as it was made by nature. And then with the help of our goldsmiths design a unique piece of jewellery.  

If you wish to book a workshop, please contact us via e-mail or phone.
We are happy to share our experience.