Herkimer diamond in rock matrix

When Herkimer diamonds are found in a rock matrix, they are often embedded in small cavities or pockets within the rock. These cavities are formed when water percolates through the rock, dissolving away the dolomite and leaving behind empty spaces. Over time, quartz crystals begin to grow within these spaces, forming the distinctive Herkimer diamonds.

Herkimer diamonds found in a rock matrix are highly valued by collectors, as they offer a glimpse into the geological processes that formed these unique crystals. They often exhibit interesting formations and inclusions, such as small clusters of crystals or black carbon deposits.

What sets Herkimer diamonds apart from other quartz crystals is their double termination, meaning that they have a point on both ends. This makes them ideal for use in energy work, as they can transmit and receive energy in both directions.

Additionally, Herkimer diamonds are known for their exceptional clarity and brightness, with some specimens appearing nearly flawless to the naked eye.


This specimen is in a private collection.