Our story

Sten Bumlingen is a Swedish company for gemstones, crystals, fossils and jewellery.

Our team is based in Scandinavia and has a great passion for gemstones and minerals. For many years we've been working with the finest gemstones, having access to the mines and being able to select the best rough material directly from the miners. 

At the beginning of 2020 we — a few colleagues in the bussiness and long time friends — decided to unite our minds and collections of stones, so we founded Sten Bumlingen AB to share our love of gems and rocks, fossils and minerals with you. 

On 6 of June 2020 we opened our boutique in Mariefred and later the same year we opened the webshop.

Knowledge and education is the key when dealing with gemstones. 
Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in gem cutting, gold and silversmithing, evaluation and identification. Using our skills and education, we create any kind of cut gemstones in all qualities.

We procure our gemstones directly from mines all over the world often through personal contacts with the miners.We are able to offer a broad selection of stone qualities, ensuring that we can accommodate the preferences of various customers.